affordable car insurance

Understanding car insurance discounts

Everyone wants to pay less for their car insurance. It's a natural reaction to an often expensive necessity. So here's a snapshot of the available discounts. If you think you're eligible, make sure they are included in your next car insurance quotes. Don't be a dummy and get taken for a ride!

Are you eligible?

Strength in numbers

» Strength in numbers

There are two different discounts for giving more business to one insurer: the first is for insuring multiple vehicles, the second is for buying policies of different types, e.g. home and car insurance

I've got the money!

» No, really, I've got the money!

If you pay the annual premium upfront, you usually earn a discount or avoid administrative and interest charges

Don't leave me never

» Don't leave me never

This usually kicks in once you have stayed with the same insurer for three years

Pay Online

» Paper went out with the dinosaurs

You save by moving online and paying the premium installments automatically

What type of vehicle?

Green Car

» "Go green"

Many insurers now offer discounts if you buy a hybrid or plug-in vehicle


» Don't ride a bucket

Discounts are available if your vehicle has anti-lock brakes, passive restraints and other safety features fitted as standard

Vehicle inside a garage

» Save yourself

Discounts for keeping your vehicle inside a garage overnight and fitting anti-theft devices


» Walking keeps you fit

Leaving the car at home whenever possible keeps your mileage low. The less you drive, the lower your premium

Who are you anyway?

Education system

» Good boy/girl

If you maintain a good GPA and stay longer in the education system, you pay less

Safety guru

» Are you a safety guru?

The longer you drive without picking up a ticket or getting into an accident, the lower your premium

Authorized course

» Go Nuts-less

Defensive drivers who prove themselves by going through an authorized course usually pay less

Serving members of the military

» Your country needs you!

The car insurance industry supports America! Serving members of the military get discounts from the most patriotic insurers

Before the policy expires

» Deliberative Jumper

Most insurers offer a welcome bonus for anyone who leaves their current insurer before the policy expires

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affordable car insurance

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affordable car insurance

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affordable car insurance

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affordable car insurance

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